The type of lighting that you choose is one of the most important decisions in your home. Lighting design plays a key role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambiance of interior spaces. There’s a very wide range of different lighting resources that help create functional spaces that can adjust to your specific needs.

We’ve prepared a guide for you on how to choose the correct lighting for each room in your home. Learn which styles are appropriate for your space and how to choose the ones that speak to you the most!

Living Room

The living room is almost always the first thing you see when you walk into your home, so how you choose to design it is highly important. This room is considered as the very first impression of your home and it works as a reference for how your interior design style is for your entire home.

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When it comes to lighting, the brighter the room feels, the warmer and welcoming it will be for your guests. Even if you have a contemporary style with a dark color scheme, always try to keep your room bright, either with natural sunlight or with great artificial light placement.

The main ceiling lamp for your room should serve mainly as decorative for your space. If you have a high ceiling, try to go for a chandelier with a very long body to create depth, height and to represent a luxury style. Although, if your room is neither high or large, you can still create an impact with your lighting. Go for modern fixtures, with geometric shapes, and metallic colors like gold, rose gold or silver. However, if your room leans more towards the minimal side, simple black pendant lamps will work perfectly!

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Dining Room

The dining room area is the room that needs to have the most dramatic lighting fixture in your home, since the only necessary elements in the space is a dining table and chairs. Always go for a ceiling lamp just above your table to create harmony and balance in your interior.

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Depending on your dining room style, the lamp can be simpler or more baroque, however, the dramatic effect should remain the same! Remember that the lighting that you’ll choose will work as a focal point, which means that it will automatically attract the attention of your guests. Try to impress them!

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For them main bedroom, it’s always good to go for simpler elements to exude a calming and relaxing essence. The comfier and more welcoming that you make your room feel, the better your sleep will be. So why not make it the best room to sleep in?

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For your side table, go for ceiling pedant lamps just above it to create an illusion of a bigger space and to take advantage of every inch of your table’s surface. If you feel like you want more lighting, a tall floor lamp next to a lounge chair create a perfect composition! It adds great lighting and makes your room seem more sophisticated.

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TIP: try to have yellow lighting for a warmer and cozier feeling in your space. White lighting will usually make your room feel rigid and cold, although it is brighter.

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The best and most modern way to incorporate lighting into your kitchen is through several simple pendant lamps above your kitchen island or counter. Depending on the style that your kitchen has, your fixtures can be simpler, darker, lighter or more extravagant. However, if your do choose bolder pieces, try to keep them more toned down since there will be several other lamps in your room.


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