Everyone’s favorite season is here! With cozy weather, beautiful colors, Thanksgiving dinners and Halloween celebrations, fall is a season to look forward to! Check out our list of inspiration that we’ve prepared for your autumn dinner parties and gatherings. Happy Styling!


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Autumn is all about the colors! Combine their famous auburn red, orange and mustard colors within your table decor and it will definitely represent Fall! However, if using a wide range of colors isn’t for you, you can utilize just one color from the list and it will still be very festive! Keep it seasonal, yet modern.


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Your accessories are key for completing a design! To set the autumn mood, pillows, candles, flowers, or even napkins with a festive touch will surely define your table decor’s styles. Don’t be afraid to be BOLD with your decoration!


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In autumn, nature is a great representative of this season! But unlike spring, with its signature flowers and pastel colors, autumn is all about dried up arrangements, pine cones or fall-colored flowers. Make sure to always have them as centerpieces for your dining table to complete your look.


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Metallic details will surely turn your table decor into a modern dinner! Gold or rose gold colors are a MUST for an autumn-like style! Don’t be afraid to mix and match metallic pieces for a luxury touch.


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You can always go for a classic Autumn table decor and still be able to keep it modern! Wooden textures, orange, red and yellow colors, and dried flowers are a traditional beauty for the season. However, Try combining it with contemporary plates with marble textures or geometric patterns, along with modern flatware for a gorgeous look!

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