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SIMPLE DESIGN A contemporary design is clean and minimalist by nature, giving your home a simple and clean look. To achieve this effect, contemporary kitchen cabinets generally have flat surfaces, minimal ornamentation and simple but stylish hardware and no other decorative accents.
Let's learn about the top 5 color trends for 2020! Along with some tips, tricks and ideas on how to combine each one. Be bold and get inspired to add a modern touch of color to your home! Naval Blue
Contemporary living rooms are known for their simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. Interiors tend to showcase space rather than things, focusing on the fundamentals of the space. Contemporary rooms concentrate on neutral colors, space, and shape, becoming sleek and fresh.
The New Year is here, which means there are new trends to look forward to in 2020! We made a list of the TOP 10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS, so you can have a general idea of what to be on the lookout for your new home design!...
The industrial style became increasingly popular for its ability of finding beauty in imperfections. The design style is all about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve the raw, edgy style. What other styles are determined to hide, the industrial homes boldly display it all!
The Contemporary style tends to evolve with time. It takes a bit of each style and makes it their own. Unlike the “modern” style, a contemporary space goes along with the trend of the moment, it could be traditional, futuristic or minimal and it constantly changes to adapt to every...
Dining rooms are considered one of the most important rooms in your home. It's where all the memories are made with your family and loved ones. So check out the list we prepared for you with 10 amazing dining room designs! Designed by...
MINIMALIST Often confused for being cold and uncomfortable, minimalism has actually become one of the most popular interior design styles throughout the years. It's all about thinking in simple terms, having less rather than more and being a full believer of comfort and...
Marble is considered one of the most popular textures to use within a home. It represents luxury and style and it goes great with almost anything! Check out our tips and tricks for styling marble textures in your home.
The bedroom is one of the most important spaces for an owner's home. It needs to be delicately designed, in a way that the person sleeping in it feels comfortable. Bedrooms are a safe space, and although it's necessary to keep them cozy, there's still room for...

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