Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Let's learn about the top 5 color trends for 2020! Along with some tips, tricks and ideas on how to combine each one. Be bold and get inspired to add a modern touch of color to your home! Naval Blue
Pantone finally revealed their color of the new year, the "Classic Blue"! The new substitute for Living Coral in 2020 was announced on Wednesday 4th of December and left everyone in awe of this gorgeous reminiscent shade of the sky at dusk.
Different colors can communicate diverse feelings in your home and affect a person's mood, such as making them feel excited, calm, passionate or anxious. By understanding color psychology, you can create or change people's mood to your liking. It's important to note that every color can create a different impact...
The use of color in interior decor is one of the most important topics for bringing personality and character to any room. Even simply adding a pop of color can change an interior space dramatically! Here you will find the color trend for fall/winter 2018 to help you get inspired...

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