Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tag: color palette

Pantone finally revealed their color of the new year, the "Classic Blue"! The new substitute for Living Coral in 2020 was announced on Wednesday 4th of December and left everyone in awe of this gorgeous reminiscent shade of the sky at dusk.
Different colors can communicate diverse feelings in your home and affect a person's mood, such as making them feel excited, calm, passionate or anxious. By understanding color psychology, you can create or change people's mood to your liking. It's important to note that every color can create a different impact...
Your bedroom should be a personal getaway, your sanctuary which expresses your style, your favorite color palette, objects and the most important thing: your feelings! DcorStore revealsĀ 5 tipsĀ and ideas on how to decorate your own bedroom.   Accent Wall Choose the wall of importance in your room, this is usually the one that...

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