Pantone finally revealed their color of the new year, the “Classic Blue”! The new substitute for Living Coral in 2020 was announced on Wednesday 4th of December and left everyone in awe of this gorgeous reminiscent shade of the sky at dusk.

The vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman , said: “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next. What’s the future going to bring as we move into the evening hours?”

“Classic Blue” is a timeless and enduring blue, the perfect tone of dark and vibrancy. Also, it’s a beautiful shade for interior design. Here, we’ll see 10 designs to inspire you to keep up with the color trends in 2020!


This bold choice will surely add a lot of personality into your interior. Blue is considered a peaceful and relaxing color that de-stresses and brings a sensation of calmness and serenity, and Pantone’s rich color of the year is no exception!

So if you’re thinking of going completely Classic Blue, don’t worry about the room feeling saturated or uncomfortable to the human eye. However, always remember to add a few elements to break the monochromatic space, like wooden textures or metallic fixtures.


A creative way of incorporating Classic Blue room into your home is by adding patterned wallpaper or vinyl flooring. This way, it’s not a plain blue wall or floor, but a fun interior instead!

It’s also a budget-friendly solution for those that don’t want to or can’t completely change their floor tiles and wall color! It can also be easily changed and swapped for different patterns or colors throughout the year!

If you feel like this style is too much for your interior, you can always alternate by adding the patterned vinyl only to your walls or flooring. This will still express the Classic Blue message beautifully and help your room feel lighter.


If you have a minimalist home but still want to keep up with the trends, than adding subtle pops of color will be perfect for you! Classic Blue can be incorporated as an accent color, by using it for your furniture or accessories like rugs, vases or pillows.


Define a proper color palette with Pantone’s Classic Blue as the main color for better results! One of the most popular combinations with this shade of blue is to combine it with a blush pink and beige. This will bring a harmony of colors into your home and make the vibrant Classic Blue feel less empowering and more welcoming.


To maintain a modern space, try to pair your Classic Blue elements with popular textures like marble, concrete or wood! This will help keep a contemporary style in your home, even though you’re adding a vibrant non-neutral color, which is a basic element of a modern home.

classic blue


Different shades of blue will help compliment Pantone’s Classic Blue perfectly. By adding different tones of this popular color, you’ll break the dull monotone interior and adding depth to your room through hues of blue!

classic blue

This technique is perfect for those who feel very passionately towards 2020’s color of the year. This will ensure a definite modern space and it’s a style that you can keep all year long without feeling tired!


classic blue

Help balance out the vibrant color with various plants around your interior! It can be one big plant, various small ones, or different plants of all shapes and sizes! Any form of nature is always welcome in interior design. It’s a perfect way of humanizing your space and make it feel more lively and welcoming.


classic blue

Find a balance of colors in your home for a harmonious composition. For example, if you want to incorporate Classic Blue in your space, try to not add it in large amounts throughout all your rooms.

classic blue

For a perfect balance, add pops of color in one space and a complete monochrome style in the other. This will work perfectly for open spaces and will help divide the rooms and add depth!


classic blue

Golden elements go perfectly with almost everything, however, it goes extra better combined with Classic Blue! It makes you interior feel more modern, elegant and luxurious! Golden elements are a MUST in any home that follows a modern style! Be bold and don’t be afraid to use it in large amounts when needed.


classic blue

Another creative way to add Pantone’s color of 2020 is by painting your cabinets and doors! This will add a proper splash of color in your home and will impress your guests with the eccentric and creative style. This will work on your kitchen cabinets, closet doors, pantry doors or your main entrance. The best part of this technique is that it’s easy to replace for another color at any time!


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