Thanksgiving has passed and now it’s time to get your Christmas mood on! A modern Christmas decor and dinner is definitely something to look forward to this 2019. With gorgeous details, trendy colors and traditional elements, the Holidays will surely be a celebration to remember!


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It’s completely okay to still be a fan of the traditional Christmas style! However, there’s always a way to add a modern touch to your decor. When it comes to your tableware, try incorporating modern textures, like marble, wood or geometric patterns, for a bigger impact!

For an even more modern mix, combine your classic reds and golds with a subtle black. This will make your traditional table decor seem a bit more modern and put together. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

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If a classic red and green Christmas isn’t for you, then we’ve got you covered! If you want to go contemporary all the way, try having a dark color palette with golden accents. Metallic colors like gold add a sense of elegance and help maintain the Holiday essence, since it’s such a popular color for Christmas!

You can incorporate your golden details in your flatware, glasses, centerpieces, vases or candle holders! Also, if you want your dining decor to feel even more like Christmas, add pine cones, golden miniature Christmas details or try creating a fun fixture with golden ornaments!


Add a rustic flare to your home for Christmas! Don’t sacrifice your holiday charm, while still being modern, thanks to an assortment of decor that sticks to the classic style. A tree dotted with delicate string lights, a mantel adorned with lush needle pine garland, and a rich berry red flower arrangement ties the look together.


Trust us, holiday cushions make all the difference for your home decor! Whether it’s one, two or a whole pile of cushions, they will definitely make your home feel like Christmas arrived. The great thing about Holiday pillow cases is that they can be recycled! Every end of the year, you can bring out your gorgeous Christmas cushions and feel a festive vibe in your home!


It’s not a secret to anybody that pine is the plant that defines the Christmas spirit. From trees, to reefs and other details, this natural element screams Holidays wherever it is! Which is why this year, we’re using it everywhere!

However, for environmental purposes it’s always best to consider using artificial pine for your home decor! Place it on your ceiling, walls, fireplace, coffee table, everywhere! But remember to not saturate the place. If your interior is large, open and bright, using this element everywhere won’t be a problem. But, if your home is on the smaller side, try using pine in smaller amounts for best results.


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