The industrial style became increasingly popular for its ability of finding beauty in imperfections. The design style is all about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve the raw, edgy style. What other styles are determined to hide, the industrial homes boldly display it all!

From the rustic exposed finishes & structural elements to industrial inspired lighting fixtures, there is no doubt that industrial interior design details are here to stay! Check out our tips and examples on how to achieve the popular look!


Earth tones and neutral color schemes are very popular choices in Industrial homes. Theses colors can be represented through the delightful textural interplay of grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal, which are the most popular textures in this modern style. It can be found on ceilings, floors, tabletops, lighting fixtures and decor details.


Also known as the signature feature for industrial homes, leaving pipes, ducts and other mechanical elements exposed is a great representative of beauty found in imperfection. This decor trend became highly popular throughout the era of trendy warehouse apartments. Converting former industrial spaces (such as factories) to residential home became easier by leaving a few raw elements expose, which reminded residents of the buildings’ original purpose and eliminated further construction.

The industrial design ideas challenged dramatically the classical architectural categories while continuing to use the basic concepts and definitions of comfort.


Lighting fixtures with metal finishes, distressed details and vintage styles are a must! Pendant lighting and floor lamps are perfect for rooms in rustic industrial interior design.

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The pendant lighting such as filament lighting that uses Edison style bulbs can create the look of industrial & retro lighting along with the choosing fixtures with rustic metals & details can transform your home instantly.

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Selecting the right color palette is essential to establishing the foundation of your interior design. Warm, neutral colors are generally favored for industrial style homes, which are typically large and open.

If your home includes exposed brick walls (painted or unpainted), cement floor, or any wood, then you can complement it with shades of brown and beige. These colors help bring visual warmth to the industrial style rooms, in contrast to some areas that might otherwise be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and ducts. Shades of gray also work very well in these trendy spaces.


Another way to bring the industrial architectural details in your house is to use artwork to express your artistic design style! Bold graphics, murals, paintings & even wall art on an exposed brick wall will make an instant accent wall into your home.

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By adding prints of your favorite cities, patterns of numbers or lettering, or even abstract painting can turn a featureless & boring wall your new focal point!

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In home interior, there has been an increase of furniture manufacturers embracing the industrial design rebirth style & it is reflected in living room & bedroom furniture with the minimal details & simple materials. They rely heavily on raw materials. Raw steel, unfinished wood, visible concrete, exposed pipes, beams and ducts and light bulbs.

Furniture made of wood and metal is a must in every interior of this style. Whether it’s the coffee table, dining table, shelving, cabinet or anything else. At least one wooden table is a must-have to achieve genuine industrial decor – especially those with steel legs.


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