We have 5 great TIPS on how you can achieve the table decor of your dreams… the marble way! Keep on reading and get inspired to create a dining set to impress!


marble plate

Choose your marble pieces correctly, whether it’s black, classic white or a colorful piece, make sure to select the items that speak to you the most and reflect the mood that you want to represent!

 Each piece represents a different style. Black tableware have a modern and contemporary feel to it, while a classic white tableware perfectly represents a traditional phase.


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marble plate

Pick the colors that you want for your table decor! However, don’t forget to make them work together.

For a luxury look, try adding metallic colors, like gold or rose gold, to your tableware. If you’re looking for a contemporary style, go for darker tones and pops of colors. If you’re a minimalist, an all white palette is perfect for you!

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marble plate

One of the most important elements of your design are the finishing touches. Remember that every detail counts and can easily wrap up your design the right way! Which means that the napkins that you choose, the center piece or flower arrangements, candles, plate chargers and everything else on your dining table should be thoughtfully chosen.

PRO TIP: Visualize exactly what you want (colors, style, essence) before you place the first element on your table. This way, you’ll know exactly what details will go perfectly with your table decor.

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marble mug
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If not designed correctly, an all-marble table decor might seem too dull. To avoid this, it’s always great to mix and match your textures or patterns. Try combining your pieces with wooden or concrete textures for a modern style!

However, if you are thinking of going marble all the way. alternating colors  between this popular texture is also a great idea!


marble coaster
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Sometimes, little touches of marble is all you need to create an impact on your dining table. You don’t need to go all out with textured plates, accessories or tabletops, though it would be nice. However, sometimes just textured coasters, mugs or a vase is enough to make your marble stand out!


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