Marble in interior design and home decor has been in style for years! However, it’s getting more and more popular in 2019. It’s no longer a traditional texture and it’s been adapted into modern homes in the best way!

Here we’ll be showing you the TOP 5 best ways to incorporate marble into your home, without having to redecorate your entire space, but still make an impact.

1Statement Walls

Marble can transform a room, and this is especially true if you dedicate an entire wall to the stone. Be brave and take the natural material away from the obvious places, the bathroom and kitchen, and introduce it into bedrooms, dining rooms and even the living room with marble effect wallpaper.

Effortlessly turning any space into a work of art, marble’s crisp white hues and natural veining provides the perfect backdrop to a wide range of schemes. From minimalist to industrial interiors, a marble wall can be used to add a touch of glamour to your home, instantly elevating it with a striking focal point.

2Modern Artwork

Incorporating art into your home is always a good choice! Bold art pieces can definitely determine the atmosphere in your space. Art prints with this popular texture will surely stand out in your home.

You can add several pieces of art in your room to create a bigger impact. However, always remember to never saturate your space! Keep it simple, and clean for a fresher atmosphere.

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3Home Accessories

Your accessories and details are the finishing touches to your home. Whether you choose golden pieces, vibrant colors or popular textures, your accessories will surely compliment your space in the best way.

Great options that will POP in your home are vases, coffee table tops, sculptural fixtures, and pendant lighting.

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4Go Bold!

If you’re serious on following this trend all the way, you might as well turn everything marble! Believe or not, this popular texture has the glorious ability of being used everywhere, from walls to flooring, from tabletops to cabinets, without looking saturated and cluttered.

The importance of using marble as the main element in your color scheme is to know how to style it! Use neutral furniture, golden details, different colored textures and white accents to keep your interior muted and slick.

5Tableware Decor

The best way to showcase your marble pieces is through your tableware. Find the perfect table decor that speaks to you the most! It can either be classic plates, colorful pieces or just a clash of both.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your dinnerware! Keep it modern and elegant by maintaining a neutral color scheme and pairing it with golden details for a luxury look.

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