Concrete is a texture that began getting popular in 2018 and is still going on and strong throughout this year! It adds a subtle, yet sophisticated edge to your home. This style has been an amazing integration to the contemporary style and is wildly being used in the design community. If you’re interested in adding concrete details to your home, or just learning about them, then keep on reading!

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Use it as a focal point

Withing your home, focal points are a must… And concrete textures are your perfect choice! Since concrete is such a heavy material to work with, when used in design, it lends the perfect amount of visual weight to the room.

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Use it as an accent wall in your living room, as the main material for furniture or as a concrete island in your kitchen to instantly catch your visitor’s eye.

It’s also possible to go more subtle with your concrete textures. Add concrete details around your home that will not immediately achieve its focal point purpose, but will still catch anyone’s attention.

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A MUST for contemporary homes

Concrete textures are the perfect element for a contemporary home. Try adding it as the main color for a bolder choice in your design. It can be used for your walls, flooring or furniture.

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It’s incredible how concrete used in extreme measure can still feel clean and not saturated. However, like anything in design, there’s always a possibility for too much, so try to keep it simple and in moderation!

It’s easy to maintain

More and more people are choosing to incorporate concrete in their interiors because it’s a particularly easy material to maintain. In fact, the bulk of your work takes place when you first purchase the item. Whatever application you choose for your concrete, let it be for a fireplace, countertop, or coffee table, it should be properly stained, sealed and polished.

Be sure to ask the manufacturer how to maintain your specific items. As a general rule, simply sweeping away general debris and washing it with a non-abrasive cleaner is the way to go.

Mix & match textures

For a more interesting look in your design, try mixing and matching patterns in your home! For a modern style, concrete can be matched with marble or wooden textured. Also, try pairing with metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze for your accessories and details.

Determine your color scheme

Finding the right color scheme for your home is one of the most important parts in interior design. The right balance of colors can immediately determine the style for your home, so choose wisely!

It’s important to pick colors that will accentuate your concrete texture. Darker or neutral colors are an excellent choice! Try using black, tones of gray and wooden textures to pair with your concrete design.

If dark interiors aren’t your favorite, the try adding neutral brights like white, beige and golden or silver details for a lighter look.


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