Marble is considered one of the most popular textures to use within a home. It represents luxury and style and it goes great with almost anything! Check out our tips and tricks for styling marble textures in your home.

Defining your color scheme must be your first step! Marble goes great with neutral colors like white, gray, black or beige. To make you texture seem even more luxurious, pairing it with lots of gold is the way to go!

For a dining room, a marble table top is perfect for a contemporary home! Nowadays, textured tables along with minimal, solid-colored chairs are definitely trending. Try combining your dining table with equally white chairs to achieve a clean, slick look.

When it comes to marble, you can never have enough! Textured walls and flooring might seem too much, but pairing it with a light color palette and minimal furniture, it gets just the right look!

You can never go wrong with metallic accents! Gold and rose gold are all the rave when it comes to accent colors. They add a modern style to your home, while still keeping it neat.

Try adding a metallic accent wall with an interior where the main texture is marble, it can truly help wrap up your look without feeling saturated.

All white, all marble bathroom. A dream come true. When it comes to bathroom designs, keeping it light and warm is the way to go!

You can never go wrong with a marble bathroom, as long as you add bold accents to stay away from monotone interiors. Colors like gold, rose gold, silver, black or dark gray make an excellent companion for your bathroom wonder.

For living rooms, everything marble might not be the best way to go. Your living room is the welcoming space, which should feel warm and homey for you, your family and your guests. A solid neutral sofa, the right lighting, simple furniture and a small marble accent wall are an excellent choice. Keep it simple, but still let your marble stand out!

Bedrooms are the most important space at home. It’s were your supposed to feel most relaxed and at ease, which is why its design should be thoughtfully prepared. Keeping it neutral is always a good choice. Your room’s simplicity will make your mind feel desaturated and uncluttered.

Go for a darker color palette, a minimal bed, contemporary table lamps, dark curtains and small marble details for a modern touch.

The last and most important tip for styling your home with marble is to go with what feels right with you! After all, any home is a happy home if the owner is satisfied with their work. Mix it up and add your personal touch! It will definitely be an interior design to remember.

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