The bedroom is one of the most important spaces for an owner’s home. It needs to be delicately designed, in a way that the person sleeping in it feels comfortable. Bedrooms are a safe space, and although it’s necessary to keep them cozy, there’s still room for a stylish interior. Check out our list of 20 master bedrooms to inspire your home!

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov

Starting of with a dark, contemporary bedroom. It’s an excellent idea to add black screens across your bedroom windows. This allows a dark vibe into the room, making it very comfortable for sleeping, while still keeping it contemporary.

Designed by MirrorR Studio

Natural lighting is a must! Huge windows add the perfect contrast for a darker room. Besides, waking up to natural lighting in your interior adds a refreshed and relaxed mood to your day.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski

Keep it simple. A decluttered bedroom is a welcoming bedroom.

Visualized by IQOSA

Asymmetrical lighting is a must for a modern bedroom. It’s time to end the mundane and go for something different. Ceiling lamps, along with table lamps for your beside table is a great way to add spark to you room.

Visualized by Vladislav Ishkov

Purple and black make an opulent master bedroom color scheme duo. Add in gold bedroom accessories for precious sheen.

Designer: JW.ZHOU Studio
Design by Forms Architects

All wood all day. Keeping it natural makes your bedroom feel warmer for it’s owner. Combining wooden textures with neutral colors like black, gray or beige, add an excellent color scheme for a contemporary bedroom

Visualized by Fathy Ibrahim
Visualized by Vasyl Ambroziak

Incorporating nature to your designs, but at another level. It’s commonly known that plants and flowers make you room feel lighter and at peace. So why not over exploit that? This bedroom has ceiling-to-floor windows that accentuate the botanical beauty perfectly. It’s almost like having a live mural behind your bed.

Visualizer: Leonid Sizikov

Stick to a color palette! It might seem a little unexciting, but following different tones of a same color can bring a sense of calmness to your space, which is highly appreciated in a room! Try going for shades of black, beige or white.

Visualizer: D3 Design

Shake things up! Add an interesting, out-of-place element to make your room stand out!

Designed by Giuseppe Burgio
Visualized by Actual design

Luxury for the win! Amazing chandeliers, incredible views, modern-style furniture and good lighting is definitely a good combination!

Visualizer: Voskresenski Vladislav
Visualizer: AVISTUDIO
Designed by IQOSA

Consider moving the bed away from the wall in order to harness more usable floor area. It’s guaranteed to feel more comfortable in a room where you have more space to move around. This bedroom incorporates a home office desk behind the headboard.

Designers: Georgios Tataridis & Ntoina Gkeka
Designer: Ahmed H. Ibrahim
Visualizer: Evgenii Baisa


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