Spring is just around the corner and this year, the trends are a little different. Say goodbye to flower patterns and pastel colors, and hello to new trendy Contemporary decor! We’ve prepared a list with the TOP 5 tips to redesign your home for this season. Happy designing!

1Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is one of the most popular colors in 2019, but even more of an uproar in spring! Mustard is no longer used as smaller pops of color, but in larger pieces of furniture, which adds a bold, refreshing burst of color to your living spaces. This yellow tone is best used with dark colors, like black, gray, brown, or navy blue.

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2Refreshing Textures

Mix and matching textures and combining them with natural materials creates a cozy feeling in your home. It’s best to use toned-down colors and patters that aren’t so extravagant. This way, you can still maintain a fun look in your home, without being too vibrant and distracting.

3Living Coral

Pantone’s color of the year is the perfect tone for the spring season! It’s fresh, modern and functions as an excellent accent color. Living Coral takes inspiration from earth minerals and shell clay, adding a warm and reassuring sensation, while still creating a calming environment. This color is best paired with neutral colors like gray, navy blue, or beige.

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4Modern Art

Artwork at home is always a necessity! However, you can definitely style your walls with art prints that are perfect for the season! Art pieces with a tropical essence, modern colors and a contemporary touch are an excellent choice for welcoming spring into your home.

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5Nature Inside

Although this tip is important for any season, it’s specially emphasized for spring! Flowers and plants add an extra comfy feeling, while maintaining your home feeling fresh and light. However, plants aren’t the only thing to focus on, since it’s always great to try and style them with modern trendy vases.

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