Kitchens are known to be your home’s best friend. It’s where all the good stuff happens, like cooking! And what better way to spend your time in your kitchen, than with a modern, trendy design to make you feel comfortable and in style. We’ve prepared a list of the best kitchen designs out there to make you feel fully inspired!

Use lighting to create a focal point in your kitchen. An excellent way of doing so is with strip LED lights beneath your desired focus. You can also combine it with wooden textures and a light color palette to make your main focus stand out.

Use ceiling panels to deepen the layout. This dark kitchen has an equally dark ceiling extension, giving it an extra depth to the room and, therefore, making it seem bigger and dividing it from the dining table.

Use different floor levels to give your home a more interesting design. This kitchen is sunken into the floor, making it stand out and giving visitors a better view of the room.

Light wooden textures and whites can make your kitchen appear much more bigger than it is. To keep it modern and non-boring, use black as an accent color to add a bold statement

Architectural lighting is a must! It definitely makes your kitchen appear modern and in style. Along with a contemporary color scheme, your kitchen will look like it came right out of a catalog.

A black kitchen will surely be something to talk about. However, too much black can make your kitchen feel gloomy and dull. Avoid this by adding textured floors and metallic details to your space.

Smaller kitchens can still look trendy! Add a light color scheme to your space to make it feel bigger. To keep it modern, add golden details wherever you can! Try a gold faucet, cabinet handles, tile trims or planters. Leave out your best cooking oils too, they will decorate the countertop with their own golden essence.

Industrial style kitchens are also very in trend for 2019. Concrete walls, darker colors, metallic stools and brick details are a must for your Industrial space.

Concrete flooring or walls will immediately make your kitchen design seem modern. Along with dark colors like black, gray and brown, your space is ready to give the much-requested modern vibes!

Give your kitchen design an interesting touch and think on another level. This u-shaped kitchen is a collection of optical illusions and undulating bench heights.

If golden accents aren’t enough for you, try making gold the main color in your room! This will surely help it seem modern en luxurious. Styled with geometric figures, your kitchen will be a room to remember.

The cheerful yellow backdrop of this kitchen decor is framed by warm light. A thin LED strip also runs above the full length of the kitchen bar. Adding vibrant colors help break your kitchen’s monochromatic style and gives it a splash of color.


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