For approximately 19 years, Pantone has searched high and low to choose one color that represents each year. This year’s search took them to the depths of the ocean. On 2018, they unveiled the color named “Living Coral”, a peachy shade of orange with a golden undertone, as the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year.

Here we will show you the best way to design with 2019’s Living Coral, along with tips and tricks on how to get the look!

Dark Color Palette

With a color as vibrant as Living Coral, it’s important to pair it with a darker and more neutral color palette. Peaches look more alive and uncluttered with colors like navy blue, tones of gray, beige and white.

Accent Wall

If you’re not afraid to be bold, having a Living Coral accent wall is an excellent idea for a modern space! It brings an amazing splash of color into your room and maintains its trendy style.

The Main Color

To be in style with the latest color trend, you don’t necessarily have to use it in every room. Having Living Coral as the Main Color Scheme in one particular room is a great idea when it comes to designing your home for 2019! This way, your entire home won’t look monotone, but carefully designed.

Vibrant Furniture

Vibrant Peach-colored furniture certainly give justice to Pantone’s Color of the year. Along with a light color palette to help neutralize the bright Living Coral and minimal accessories, this interior represents a simple, yet trendy space.

Peachy Accessories

Accessories are one of the most important elements in any interior. The colors you choose, how you coordinate them, where you place them, these are all steps than can totally make or break your home design.

If Living Coral is too much for you, then accessorizing with the color is definitely a great choice! Flowers, vases, cushions, lamps, even correctly placed books can certainly add that peachy tone into your room. This will allow your interior to still be as neutral you like, while adding those modern color-of-the-year touches.

Discover What Works For You!

What truly works in designing with Pantone’s Color of the Year is figuring out what works best for you. Try applying Living Coral the best way that you can and makes you most comfortable. It could be overflowing your entire home with this peachy color or just adding a few cushions and a vase. As long as you stay true to your style and preferences, your home will look perfect to your eyes and those who visit.

Dare to Design. Add a little twist to your home! Spice it up with 2019’s chosen color and let Living Coral speak for itself!


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