Our contemporary Disegno Flatware Set can take your table decor to the highest level and make your dinning table stand out! Prepare to be bold and give a twist to your dinner and special moments with your family.

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We’ve made a special list with our favorite 5 TIPS on how to create and decorate your dining table around the sophisticated design of our unique “Disegno Flatware”.

1Select a Theme to Decor

The perfect theme will determine how you will style your dining table, so choose wisely! Try to go with something contemporary that will mix perfectly with our Disegno Flatware. Remember to incorporate something simple, yest stylish.

Disegno Flatware 4Pcs. Set
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2Use Bold Tableware

Any extraordinary design needs equally impressive companionship to complete the look! To combine our contemporary Disegno Flatware, it’s important to be on the lookout for modern plates with bold patterns or metallic colors.

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Disegno Solid Flatware 4Pcs. Set
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3The Right Centerpiece

Nothing completes your look better than the perfect centerpiece to style your dining table. It could be a contemporary candle holder, a bold vase with gorgeous flowers or any simply detailed accessories to compliment your decor.

Minimalist Flower Vase
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4A Dark Table Setting

A contemporary style is all about a dark color scheme and our Disegno flatware are the perfect fit for a dark table set. Using dark plates, our black Disegno and dark napkins are the perfect combo for modern decor. However, don’t forget to add vibrant flowers or any other details to add a splash of color into your dining table.

5Make It Your Own

What truly makes your table decor perfect is adding your own personality and touch into what you’re styling. After all, what’s really important is that you’re happy with your results and your decor. Our Disegno Flatware are just complimentary to your own taste and help accentuate your designs.

Happy Styling and remember to be creative! We hope that these tips are helpful for styling your next dinner party with our Disegno Flatware!


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