Living rooms are considered one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s the focal point, the centre of attention where most of the time is spent with family, friends and visitors. This is why it’s so valuable to carefully design the space in a comfortable, yet stylish way. Here you’ll find our TOP 10 favorite modern living rooms with tips on how to get the look!

To make your modern home appear more sophisticated, it’s important to add pendant ceiling lamps or a grand chandelier. Also, use earth tones and desaturated colors like white, brown and denim blue to make your space feel relaxed.

Be different! Try implementing uniquely-shaped furniture and lighting to make your living room stand out. But to still keep it fresh and modern, you can mix it up with a light color palette to make it appear clean and simple.

Get creative with your colors! Even though modern living is all about a neutral color palette, it’s still important to add pops of color to break the monochromatic essence! The trendiest accent colors are yellow, red and aqua. Try it!

Mid- century modern living rooms are definitely in! White walls, a pale blue rug and classic brown leather seating offer a look the discerning designer will admire.

Dare to use wooden textures to style your space and don’t limit yourself to the possibilities. No matter how often you see them, wood panels don’t necessarily have to be used for flooring. To make it appear even more modern, use them on walls, tabletops, furniture and even ceilings!

Stunning artwork is a must in any modern space! Whether it’s one large art piece, several art prints, wall art or sculptures, any kind of artwork will surely bring a modern style to your room.

Used textured backdrops, like concrete wood or luxury marble. This gives a sensation of elegance and taste, while still keeping it modern and clean. Backdrops will definitely make your space seem fun and vivid.

Go green! Indoor nature and plants make for the most modern interior. This fusion of industry and nature is all the rave right now, so don’t be afraid to be green. Even if you add a few flowers or potted plants, any kind of nature makes a huge difference.

Try mixing it with a Scandinavian style! A light color palette, natural wood and bright spaces are the perfect match for a modern home. Don’t be afraid to be mix and match styles to make your living room stand out!

Several shades of gray can do wonders for a modern living room. Try adding gray toned furniture, rugs and curtains to maintain that neutral color scheme in the interior. To mix it up, add some plants, art or a solid colored accessory to add a splash of color and break the dullness.


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