The Scandinavian style is mostly defined for their clean lines and soft textures, which are features that are welcoming in any home. With their neutral tones, natural wood and greenery, Scandinavian homes become comfortable, warm and cozy to it’s residents. Here you’ll find our favorite tips on how to get the Scandinavian look!

Lighting is key in any space. However, modern and minimal lighting are the perfect assessment for a Scandinavian style. Try to find simple pendant lamps, with neutral colors to balance with the rest of the color scheme in the room.

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The key to a Scandinavian home are the floors. An open wooden floorplan is a great idea! Natural or light wood are also a great choice when selecting the right texture for your home.

The chevron stripe is a popular feature in the Scandinavian style, and its use here in the wood flooring is a classic, playful choice.

Open, white shelves are much needed! It keeps everything organized, yet still maintains the correct style. Also, it’s important to keep a balance within the objects inside the shelf. Remember, open shelves hide nothing!

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Plants are a must. And if you’re not very big on plants, you can still incorporate nature in other ways, like adding minimalist art prints, cushions with simple plant patterns and other small details that make up your space.

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Having a throw hang over a simple chair is great for making you color palette pop! When natural light is allowed in, the contrasting tones take on a more exciting look. This method is a really effective way of blending textures.

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In the small dining area, Scandinavian style chairs complete a clean and functional look. Always try to pick monochromatic furniture, this helps complete the look! Also, lighting above the dining table is very much needed in any dining room. For a Scandinavian style, a simple, small ceiling lamp is very effective.

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Bedrooms, used for being a relaxing space, are sometimes better off being simple, without over-the-top designs. Using darker colors, like gray on walls or a darker gray on the bed, make the room appear cozier and calmer. To break the dullness, monochrome art prints are an essential.

Modern, light wooden furniture are a must! They compliment the simple designs and add an even more Scandinavian touch to the interior. Along with white accents, natural furniture are the perfect assessment to wrap up your desired style.


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