Neutral or dark color schemes have become one of the most important factors in a contemporary interior. Black decor can look suave and seductive, however, it’s not always easy to hit that target of sophistication, with many black interiors coming across as decidedly dull. Here you will find our top favorite dark dining rooms, along with 5 tips on how to get the look.

1.Pendant Lights

The unusual dining room pendant lights catch the eye in this black kitchen diner. Adding strange, big pendant lights help take some attention off the dark color palette. It gives a wow effect into your room and makes the room appear less dull.

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2.Pair with White

The kitchen is topped with a white countertop, and the black dining room chairs are tipped with white to match. The modern chandelier featuring small black shades lined with bring balance to the space. All of these white accents are just enough to give an outline to each shape within the dark kitchen diner.

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3.Combine with Wood

This formal dining area uses a combination of black and wood tone to match the decorative shelving unit in the attached lounge. Adding textures, like wood, help break with the monochromatic scheme in the space. But if wood isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, contemporary spaces like these can also be paired with marble or concrete textures.

4.Lighting is Important

Lighting is key when it comes to designing any space. However, for a contemporary room with a dark color palette, it’s specially essential. The correct placement of lighting adds depth and definition to a space. This helps the room appear bigger and more alive.


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5.Add a Pop of Color

This dining room uses modern fruit bowls to bring a big pop of color to a small black dining table. Also, combining it with the yellow pillow cases located in the living room. Bold colors within a dark interior helps make a statement in a monotone room. Other Good pop of color choices for dark spaces are red, lime green, or a vibrant blue.

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