Gold is a color that will never go out of style. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more of it. It never ends! Gold accents are mainly used to represent luxury and it has become the perfect color for interiors. However, it’s always necessary to use just the right amount, in order to maintain the balance between the space.

Here you will find the top homes with gold accents, with tips and tricks on how to style it.

This kitchen has an island with a golden finish, creating a perfect contrast within the all-white room. The kitchen is simple, minimal, but with just a few little golden details to not saturate the space, since the kitchen island is loud enough.

Details are important! The gold rims around the chair, golden faucet and lighting are the perfect touches to wrap up the minimalist kitchen.

This simple living room withholds two precious golden accents. It’s just enough to be noticeable and give bold touches to the space, but not too much to saturate it.

A modern gold swing seat has been hung next to a grey modern sofa, pale beige curtains and a light herringbone floor, creating a cool colored backdrop for warm metallic lustre, giving the room crisp contemporary class.

Across the room is a gold coffee table complimenting the circular designs to make the room harmonious. The unique coffee table is composed of two golden discs, one upper and one lower volume. The surface is uncluttered to let it gleam. Beside this, a taller more narrow version of the dual disc coffee table design stands in white, so as not to fight with the showcase piece.

This bedroom has been carefully designed with pendant lights that have a strike of gold down each of their oversized white tubular shades.

A gold side table wraps over one deep side of the upholstered platform bed, displaying a large decorative vase.

Besides the golden lamps the yellow lighting and metallic side table, the rest of the master bedroom decor is a relaxing scheme of soft pale grey and white, with a few textured details.

This master bathroom contains a strip of golden light that runs along the length of a recessed shelf that holds spare face towels and a few select toiletries.

Along with a subtle golden tint in the shower door, this bathroom also holds a striking gold circular vanity. It has semi-circular design that becomes part of an ellipse when coupled with the arch shaped vanity mirror above it. A gold faucet completes the lustrous look.

This bathroom has a more minimal look, paired with the light color palette and few decorative elements.

However, it does contain noticeable gold details, such as the metallic faucet, the golden side tables and the outstanding personal mirror.

Metallic details like gold, bronze or rose gold, can add a luxurious modern style to your home. They’re perfect as accent colors, but it’s important to never overdue it! The trick is to add either one striking element or a few accent details. Less is more and it will definitely be appreciated!

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