Your bedroom should be a personal getaway, your sanctuary which expresses your style, your favorite color palette, objects and the most important thing: your feelings!

DcorStore reveals 5 tips and ideas on how to decorate your own bedroom.


1Accent Wall

Choose the wall of importance in your room, this is usually the one that frames the head of your bed. Use colors that contrasts with the rest of the environment or incorporate wood textures, exposed bricks or panels with geometric designs.



2Artwork you Love

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Pick one Artwork piece that speaks to you and also makes a statement!

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3Warm Color Palette



Our room is the intimate space to rest and relax; therefore, the color palette to use should evoke serenity. Use the colors nude, linen, orange, brown or dare to use strong colors such as dark gray and combine them with other warm textures like wood.


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4Make the bed the focal point

If it’s possible, put your bed where you can see it completely from the door of the room, the bed is the focus of space.


5Lighting is Key

Light is the most important element of the entire space. Use warm colored temperature.

With warm light, the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Table lamps or pendant lamps are ideal in the scene by its temperature and by the angle of incidence to the human eyes.

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Incorporate lamps on your nightstand. You can break the symmetry by using table lamps combined with ceiling lamps. Remember that the height of these bedside lights should be leveled to the human eye.

Use decorative pendant lamps to add character to your room.

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